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A complete guide on selling a house fast in Kansas City, MO.

There are several ways to successfully sell a house. Some of the most common ways include listing it on the market and selling it by owner. In an age where there is almost too much information, it is difficult to determine which strategy is best suited for your situation. If you have wondered how can I sell my house fast in Kansas City, there are multiple options at your disposal. Typically, selling a home by owner will shave more time off the process. However, before getting into the weeds, you first want to figure out your personal timeline.

How Fast Can I Sell my house in Kansas City?

Our team gets asked this question all the time. The answer starts with asking yourself one question. “What deadlines do I have coming up that I need to hit?” Once you determine your own timeline, you can figure out how quickly you can make this happen. For homeowners that need to sell my house fast in Kansas City because they are in a rush, establish how much time you can allocate to the process.

Many homeowners that we work with have one of these situations going on:

  • Moving out of state
  • Job change
  • Divorce
  • Downsizing

These things usually cause homeowners to move to a different part of Kansas City, or to a different town. The best way for them to accomplish that is to sell their house as fast as possible. Our team has come across almost every situation that you can imagine. We buy houses in Kansas City by providing creative real estate solutions to homeowners that need assistance. Again, determine how quickly you need to sell your house in KC. From there, you can research what strategy best suits your needs.

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6 Effective Strategies to Sell a House in Kansas City

When selling a house in Kansas City, you must pay attention to detail. Although there is a ton of demand for housing and real estate, home buyers are becoming sharper. Unless a property is in an area with incredibly high demand, you will need to showcase its selling features. The more eyeballs that you attract to your house, the easier it will be to sell.

Does your property sit on a larger lot than others on your block? Show that big hunk of land off! Don’t be shy. Selling a house in Kansas City is a breeze if you show potential buyers how great of a property they are getting. There are plenty of ways to sell a property quickly and effectively. Today, we are focusing on 6 reliable strategies that you can begin using to get your home sold fast.

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Sell my house in Kansas City without a realtor

When dealing with a property that is in complete shambles, you might feel like it is impossible to sell. While the road seems challenging, there are tools that you can utilize to make the process attainable. Selling a house without a realtor, even if your property needs work, is feasible. I would first ask yourself which of these things you have more of:

  • Money
  • Time

From there, you can determine how to strategically sell your house without a realtor.

Extra Time

For homeowners that pondered how can I sell my house fast in Kansas City without having extra time, you should begin marketing your property. The more people that you let know that you are selling your home, the more interest you will get. And of course, more interest leads to more offers. This can decrease the time it takes to sell a house in Kansas City, MO.

More Money

Do you have cash at your disposal, but not much time on your hands? You can deploy that capital in form of marketing to spread the word about your property. For example, you can purchase an ad in the Kansas City newspaper to promote your humble abode. You can state the following:

  • I need to sell my house fast for cash. Call me ASAP!

Do you think that will grab some attention? Utilize marketing strategies like this if you have more money than time on your hands. Work smart, not hard. Selling a house in Kansas City without a realtor is possible with the right marketing strategy.

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Pros of selling a house by owner

When selling a home by owner, this means you aren’t seeking professional help from a realtor to get the job done. There are several benefits to do this. For example, you automatically save 6% of the total sales cost that you would typically pay in commission to a realtor. How much money would you save by using this strategy?

You can save +$10,000 by selling your house without a realtor in Kansas City, MO. That is substantial! Another benefit from selling a house by owner is control. You not only have final say throughout the entire process, but you also get to make sure everything is done to your exact specifications.

Lastly, when selling property without a real estate agent, get to avoid things that slow down the process. Do you think that hosting open houses for 3 straight weekends will be quick? Unfortunately, open houses take a ton of time and effort.

Normally, you will have to stage the home first. That will cost you money upfront and can take a few days to set up. Next, you will have to host multiple weekends of open houses. If you are trying to sell a house fast in Kansas City, open houses will make it an uphill battle. Selling a home by owner is quick and effective when using the right tools.

Cons of selling a house by owner

There aren’t as many downsides to selling property without a realtor. If you work 80 hour weeks and have zero time to do anything else, selling your house without help will be hard. You will need at least some time to get done the necessary pieces of the puzzle. Additionally, the responsibility is on you to effectively communicate to the home buyer you are working with. Make sure to respond quickly to emails from the home buyer, title company, and any other parties involved.

Connecting with a Cash Home Buyer

Depending on the style of home you plan to sell, multiple home buyers may show interest. What would you do if 12 different offers land on your desk? It is tempting to instantly choose the highest one. Resist if you can! Patience is a virtue.

Review each offer to see which home buyers are willing to pay in cash. If you want to sell your house fast in Kansas City, you must select a cash offer. Cash is known to be ‘king’. There’s a reason for that!

When working with a home buyer that is buying your house with a loan, the overall process takes longer. Why is that? The bank must protect themselves. This means that they must thoroughly screen and vet each home buyer that they lend money. Background checks, income verifications, and taxes are all items that a bank will research in-depth before approving a loan. Unfortunately, this is what burns the most amount of time.

A bank doesn’t want to lend money to a home buyer that will end up defaulting on their loan. They are not in the business owning buying houses, and they do not want to foreclose on a property unless they are forced to. Have you thought that I need to sell my house fast but didn’t know which offer to select? A cash offer for your home will speed up the transaction tremendously. You will ultimately reach your goal faster.

sell my house fast kansas city

Sell my house to the neighbors

Are your neighbors basically like family? A large portion of the Kansas City neighborhoods embraces that concept. However, some homeowners don’t even know who their neighbors are.

That’s because they are most likely real estate investors that are renting out the home next door to yours. Depending on the demand for your street, your neighbor may be extremely interested in your property. There is not an easier way to sell a house fast in Kansas City than to have your neighbor buy it.

They already know the area well. You probably won’t receive dozens of random questions from them. Your neighbor will also likely have a plan and vision for your property off the bat. Your transaction will close in no time. Expect 21-30 days max. Were you thinking that I need to sell my house fast in Kansas City but won’t be able to find a buyer? Look across your lawn and see who lives next door.

Selling my house to tenants

Talk about avoiding friction. For homeowners interested in selling a house quickly, start by asking your tenants. Many people dream of one day owning a home. Your tenants could be the golden ticket to a fast home sale. Maybe they have been interested in buying your property for months, but you never knew! “You won’t know until you ask.”

Advantages of selling a property to tenants

It’s not every day that your tenants ask you if they can buy your houses in Kansas City. When that glorious day comes, expect the easier sale of your life. When tenants buy the house they live in, that saves you time, money, and effort. Here are tasks that you can disregard when selling your house to a tenant:

  • Professional cleaning
  • Completing repairs
  • Painting
  • Vacancy

This is the “golden goose” of a real estate transaction. The tenants already live in your home, which means they can simply continue staying there. By avoiding vacancy, you keep more money in your pocket. You also have the good fortune of dodging a professional cleaning of the property. For those who have thought that I need to sell my house fast in Kansas City, working with your tenants can make that happen. It is easy as pie.

Additionally, other benefits of selling a property quickly to tenants include not having to spruce up the place. You don’t have to paint the interior of the house (unless they ask you to and you agree). Not to mention, any repairs that would typically be on your plate before selling the home are now passed to them. Of course, you’ll need to have an agreement with them to determine who is covering what. Most likely, you can avoid these small items and save more money.

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Use the internet to sell my house fast

The internet is powerful. The real estate industry has finally caught up to the growth of technology. There are iBuyers that buy houses directly online without even seeing the place. We have bought houses in Kansas City without doing a formal walkthrough, but it all depends on the style of the home and condition. By leveraging the power of the world wide web, you can sell a house fast with minimal effort. Think about it… you can reach a large number of potential buyers in a very short amount of time.

Now that is working smart, not hard. With the click of a button, you can blast out information about your property for sale. The more eyeballs that see that you are selling your house in Kansas City, the better chance of it happening. A good goal is to get at least 3 solid offers for your property. That way, you have options and can select the one with the least number of contingencies.

Ways to sell a home on Craigslist

Did you forget about this online platform known as the ‘wild-wild west’? Craigslist is in fact still used today by many people within the real estate industry. Granted, you must thoroughly vet anyone that you are talking to before working with them. You can do that by hopping on the phone with them to first make sure that they are a real human. Next, try to verify through references that they give you that they are legitimate.

It is sad, but people still get scammed on Craigslist. Do your due diligence, and utilize this platform to your advantage. For example, if you are planning to sell your house fast in Kansas City, place a picture on Craigslist. You will begin getting calls and emails once the notification hits the website. When selling a house by owner, this tool is an absolute must. Creating an ad takes about 5 minutes, and will help drum up interest in your property.

Email Blasts

It is good practice to let your inner circle always know what you are doing regarding business. This includes trying to sell a house. With a couple of clicks on your keyboard, and pressing the send button, you can notify people that you know about your property. Similar to selling a house to tenants, there could be someone that you already know who is interested. You just have to ask!

Not everyone has a long list of emails. For those who don’t, you can visit Kansas City real estate groups and network there. There’s a good chance that those attendees have connections and email lists that you can tap into. If you have questioned how to sell my house fast in Kansas City, leveraging email outreach can get you to your goal in no time.

There are online tools that you can use, such as G-Mass, to send out emails in bulk. If you have a list of 20 people, you can send them the same email in one shot. You can do this all from the seat at your desk. In the blink of an eye, boom! You have connected with 20 potential home buyers.

Listing your house on the market

The final strategy to selling a house quickly in KC is by listing in on the MLS. This stands for Multiple Listing Service. Using the MLS to sell your house typically takes more time than the previous methods mentioned. It all depends on the property, and what it needs to get it sold properly.

Is your house brand new and recently renovated? Even if that’s the case, staging and professional photos can still be required to meet the standards of selling it on the MLS. It is possible to sell a house fast on the open market but typically takes longer than selling it on your own.

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Before selling my house should I do repairs?

The answer to this question is, it depends. Typically, when working with a cash home buyer you don’t have to fix anything before selling. This perk will save you money upfront that you don’t need to shell out. A cash home buyer will usually have plans to completely renovate the property regardless of what the interior looks like. Why waste the paint and plaster? Save yourself a buck, and avoid pesky repairs.

When selling to an owner-occupant buyer, you may need to do certain repairs before closing the transaction. Especially if the buyer is a family, they most likely want to move in shortly after the close. In this case, you may need to complete the repairs. If you cannot find any other buyers, your only option is to fix your property up. Bite the bullet, and do what you have to do to sell your house in Kansas City.

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Can I sell my house in Kansas City with liens?

Accruing debt on a property overtime can feel overwhelming. There are various types of liens that can be put against your house.

  • Mechanics Lien
  • Mortgage Lien
  • Property Tax Lien
  • State Tax Lien
  • Child Support Lien
  • Hospital Lien

The list goes on! It is easy to fall behind on payments for things – I think we can all relate to that. Can you still sell your house fast if there are liens on it? In Kansas City, you surely can. For example:

  • Your property has $50,000 in liens, between child support and property taxes
  • You can sell your house for $75,000
  • $75,000 – $50,000 = $25,000 profit

Liens can be vanquished and squashed at closing. As the seller, you can take a portion of the proceeds from your sale and pay off the attached liens. Depending on the demand for your property, the home buyer may even offer to pay for some or all of your liens. Everything is negotiable!

how to sell my house fast in kansas city

Are companies that buy houses for cash legit?

Similar to making deals on Craigslist, there are good people and bad people. The same goes for any other position within real estate. Realtors can be great, or horrible. Speaking from the perspective of a cash home buyer, most of us are also great people and easy to work with.

A quick way to verify the legitimacy of a company that buys houses for cash is by reviewing its track record. Do they have credible reviews from other people trying to sell a house for cash in Kansas City? Look up their website and see if how many houses they have bought in Missouri. Is your gut telling you something? You can take one extra step by talking to referrals or previous clients of theirs.

Did you see a sign for ‘we buy ugly houses”? That is likely a large, franchise company. Shawn Buys Houses in KC specialize in Missouri real estate. We are a local, family-run company based directly in Kansas City. Our team has helped countless homeowners to sell their houses quickly and for cash. The process of selling a house to us is simple. We provide a cash offer and can close within 30 days.

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Shawn Buys Houses in KC has been operating in Missouri for years. Our goal is to provide creative real estate solutions to homeowners. If you need to sell my house fast in Kansas City, contact us to learn how we can help. We buy houses, land, and apartment buildings. No project is too big for our team! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions on real estate in Kansas City.