Selling a house as is

Selling a house as is

There are plenty of different ways to sell a house in Kansas City. However, one of the easiest ways is to sell it without doing any repairs before hand. this is also known as “selling a house as is.”

By selling a property this way, you get to take advantage of multiple benefits. for example, you don’t need to complete any renovations to your house before selling it. How easy does that sound? Real estate can be much more challenging than this. However, if you find the right home buyer, you can sell your Kansas City house as is.

How to sell your house as-is in Kansas City

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You must be strategic to successfully complete this. There are multiple people in Kansas City that would take advantage of you, and the situation. The absolute best way to sell your house in Kansas City as is would be to work with a cash home buyer.
Avoid the traditional way of selling real estate. Typically, if you sell your house on the market, it could take over three months to complete. How much time do you have? If time is of the essence, sell your house in Kansas City as is. You will thank me later for telling you about it. Now that we know the secret, what are the benefits of this real estate strategy?

1st Benefit: No repairs

Arguably the best part about selling a house as is would be the fact that no repairs need to be done. That means you do not lift a finger before closing on the transaction. Don’t worry about chipped paint, broken windows, or loose boards. The end buyer that has agreed to purchase your Kansas City property as is will take care of that for you.
You get to keep more money in your pocket by avoiding costly renovations before selling your house. It can be stressful knowing you have to fix things. Especially when there are home buyers who are very particular about how a property looks. Homeowners sometimes must meet the expectations of buyers when fixing up their properties. That’s a lot of pressure. Avoid the hassle and headache. Sell your house as is to Shawn Buys Houses KC.

2nd Benefit: Quick Sale

The second benefit of selling a home as is would be the speed of the transaction. For example, when you list a house on the Kansas City market, it usually takes months to sell. On the flip side, selling your home as is happens extremely quickly.
Is time love the essence? If you have certain dates and deadlines to meet, consider this home selling strategy. It can happen within a matter of weeks. How soon do you need to sell your Kansas City house? Often times if homeowners have lived in a property for multiple years, there are plenty of items that could be fixed. One thing leads to the next, and you end up fixing everything.
This rabbit hole is extremely costly and not fast. Don’t worry about marketing your property, or listing it, because selling it this way is clearly the fastest.

Things to do before selling your house as is

Make sure the house in Vacant

Before selling your house as is, there are several things that you need to make sure that you do. These will ensure that the process goes smoothly, and happens as fast as possible.
The first thing would be to clear out any tenants or inhabitants of the property. The reason that you should do this is that an investor is most likely going to buy this from you. They will want to renovate the property, or put in their own tenants. Because of that, you want to make the process easy. Vacant houses in Kansas City always sell faster than others. Don’t be that person who takes months to sell your home.
Additionally, when a property is vacant, it is easier to walk through as a home buyer. This allows investors to come in and quickly give you a cash offer for your Kansas City home. There will be no surprises for the buyer because they already walked through your house while it was empty. Are there any holes or scratches hidden behind things on the walls? Deliver your house vacant to ensure a quick sale in Kansas City.
Of course, while the property is vacant, there is also way less to clean. Typically, when you sell a property in Kansas City as is, you don’t need to clean anything. However, you must at least make sure people can walk through hands navigate items that are spread across the floor. Do your tenants have toys all over the house? Selling your house in Kansas City is much easier when it is vacant.

Work with a cash home buyer

The second thing you must do two successfully sell your home this way is too locate the right buyer. How do you know who the right home buyer is? Great question!
A home buyer in Kansas City that pays in cash will be the right fit for you. If the buyer is using a loan to purchase your home, the process will take months. Again, if you don’t have much time, work with a cash home buyer in Kansas City. This will save you months of time.
If you receive offers on your home from families that are planning to move in, there is a good chance you will need to complete renovations before selling it. That defeats the entire purpose of this selling strategy. Your goal is to not have to lift a finger or swing a hammer to sell your property. Although it is tempting, stick to home buyers that pay cash. This will give you a huge leg up when selling your house in Kansas City MO.
Shawn Buys Houses KC is a home buyer based in Kansas City, MO. We buy houses for cash around Missouri. If you need to sell my house fast in Kansas City, contact us today for a cash offer. You won’t be disappointed!